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Pandora Apk is the world most famous music platform in the world. It contains a lot of great collection for music lovers. Pandora is also well known for internet radio. It is the best application for listening to audio music.  Pandora Apk is working in the US from 2017. The best feature of this application is we can give a positive and negative review of the songs. Songs go up and down upon users rating. This application is only available in the USA. It is one of the best App that is available for users.

Pandora is the platform where the artist can reach their listeners, and for their listeners, it is an excellent platform to the music of their favorite artists. Actually, Pandora is an internet radio where you can listen and organize your favorite songs. Install the application and find your favorite artists, songs and start listening to music.

In this article, I am going to share I am going to provide you Pandora premium Apk download link. Read the whole article because before jumping to the link we need to know more about Pandora Apk.

What is Pandora Media Inc?

Pandora Media Inc. working since 2000 which is founded by Will Glaser, Jon Kraft, and Tim Westergren. When the company takes a start it goes to the huge loss. Pandora founders arrange a meeting with their employees. They as their employees to work with them without a salary. Around 50 employees get agreed for working free. These 50 employees work for 2 years without getting any salary to form the organization. The idea of Pandora app was to make online radio station where users can customize the music and listen to what they are looking for.

How to download Pandora Unlimited Skips Apk?

pandora apk 2019
pandora Apk 2019

Traditional Radio

If we take a look at the traditional radio station which is still working, it has some advantages but disadvantages as well. Its first advantage is that it is the cheapest entertainment medium. The disadvantages of traditional radio are you are not able to rewind any song. You cannot even save as song or remember the songs you listen to. You are not allowed to rewind any song you listen to or the song you loved. It shows a lot of ads while you are listening to any song these were the disadvantages that brings the idea of Pandora which allows their user to skip, review and listen the song again which they loved.

How does Pandora Radio station work?

Pandora Radio Station is totally different from all the other radio station on the internet.  The concept of Pandora application is to give freedom to the user so that the user can play songs which he/she find best or favorite. The songs are listed up and down according to the rating of users. The songs which got a higher rating will be shown on the top while the other will be listed below. Pandora application provides a very user-friendly platform for the users.

Download Pandora Cracked ApK

Pandora Radio Inc. thinks of what is the need of the user. It basically works on the theory of users what actually user needs, they always try to cover all the need of the users so that they get entertained from the application. This application is consist of 400 plus musical attributes. Pandora categories the music on the rating as well.

Pandora Premium Apk Features
Pandora Premium Apk Features

Features of Pandora App

  • Users can search their favorite songs and make a list of them to play.
  • In Pandora Apk users can play unlimited songs of their favorite artists.
  • Pandora app is very user-friendly
  • Amazing users experience.
  • Beautiful and easily understandable users interface.
  • No popup as while streaming songs.
  • Simple an attractive design for users.

How to download Pandora Hacked Apk

Pandora Free Version

Pandora Apk free version is a very basic version of Pandora application. It contains a lot of limitation. The free version of Pandora application allows users to play songs but it does not allow their users to download any song. You don’t know which song is coming but only know the artist you have selected. One more thing you can skip six times in the Pandora free version. If you are interested in getting full access of all the feature you should go to the Pandora Premium Apk which give their users full access.

Pandora Premium Apk

Pandora Premium Apk is considered as the first audio streaming site. As it is a very unique idea in the world that’s why this application become a trending product in a very short time. Users are very satisfied with the application and recommending Pandora to everyone. Pandora Premium Apk allows users to create a free radio station of your favorite songs and artists. You can select your music type which you want to listen to. Pandora Premium Apk provides to complete control on your listing, skipping, rating and shares, etc. When you create a list of your favorite songs in Pandora application Pandora provide you a suggestion of more exciting songs that you may not listen before.

Pandora Apk was free for a long time but they introduce a premium version for competing for their competitors like Spotify etc.  As Pandora got popular in no time reason is it contain a great feature and very attractive user interface.


Features of Premium Pandora Apk

  • It allows users to rating any song with thumbs up or down.
  • Premium Version allows users to download songs so that you can listen offline as well.
  • Not only support android but windows and iPhone as well.
  • Always available no timeout.
  • Its contain no ads. None of any ad will popup while listening to songs.
  • You can download unlimited songs.

Difference between the Pandora premium and Pandora Plus?

Pandora develops the premium feature of Pandora application which has a subscription plan is $9.99 month. They develop this feature to beat the competition of Spotify, Google an Apple Music. Pandora Plus contains all of the features is the Pandora app. Premium Apk does not have all feature that is in Pandora Plus Apk but this app allows their users to search 40 million collections of music tracks. Find their best collection and can download that collection if they like.  Pandora Plus provides unlimited skips to their users and replies feature as well which was not available before.

Pandora Premium version is a very low-cost version of Pandora application. Its pricing is 4.99$/ month. It’s the most basic version of the Pandora app which is ads free as well. In Pandora plus user can download unlimited no of stuff. To listen to high quality and users favorite channels Pandora has provided a lot of skips and replays which help their users to create their customized channel.


Pandora One Apk

Pandora One Apk is also the version of Pandora application.  This version of the Pandora app allows its users to search their favorite song and also allow to get all the information related to that specific song. This application gives you access to millions of songs. As this application is paid. Its basic features cost you $5 a month but we are providing you this application free of cost.

Pandora One Apk
Pandora One Apk

This application has one of the best things that it provides new features to its customers. Pandora app regularly updates and provide amazing features to its users. So don’t worry about such thing we will provide all the updates of Pandora Apk Download free of cost. Pandora Apk is only available for USA users according to the developers they are working on the application very soon they will move their Pandora application to other countries so that other users whose are outside of USA also get the benefit of this application.

Does Pandora Apk have family Plans?

Yes, Pandora application started a new package for families which is also known as family plans. In Premium family pan 6 users are allowed to use this application. Its cost is $14.99 monthly. If you have more than 3 users in the family this package is best for users. Family can also use this feature and can enjoy premium features which other premium users are using and getting enjoyed.


Pandora Apk Premium Apk Unlimited Skips
Pandora Apk 2018 With Unlimited Skips

Do you need Wi-Fi to listen to Pandora?

Not at all.  You can use this application without internet as well. Not only this but this application allows you to select the song, create your playlist in offline mode.


Pandora for iPhone and iPad

Pandora app is not only available for Android users but also for iPhone and iPad users. This app is available for all devices users can use without finding any kind of difficulty. The basic version of Pandora Apk is free of cost in which users can tune 100 stations according to their need and interest. In this app, you can select your favorite songs, artists and other stuff like a genre. The disadvantage of the free version is that it provides limited skips to their users if you are a premium user of Pandora app you can get a lot of stuff and updates for their users.

In Pandora premium, Apk app provides a lot of interesting features like is you want to download, bookmark or save your favorite song and can loop it so that you can listen to it again.  Users can purchase the song and are able to create their own channel if they are premium users of Pandora. You can create your favorite songs list if you are fed up of the same songs you can delete that list and can create or add new songs in it.

Features of Pandora Premium Apk
Features of Pandora Premium Apk

Pandora application also released a version for Apple devices which is compatible with all the devices of apple. Users can use this application in all devices of apple like Mac, iPhone, smartwatch, etc.  There are other radio music applications as well like for apple device like iTunes radio. This is the most popular but one of the big disadvantages of is that it does not allow their users to take any track on rent. It only allows buying any track they want. The service of iTunes radio is the same as the other application such as Spotify, Radio and Google music.


How many countries Pandora App is available?

Pandora application is available is few countries which are USA, Australia, and New Zealand. The Pandora application team have the plan to spread this app to more countries so that more users can get entertained from this application. It is not confirmed yet how when they are going to spread this app to other countries but they are fully concerned about spreading this application to more countries.

Does Pandora application support all the devices?

The free version of Pandora does not support all devices but yeah premium version of Pandora support all devices for Android and iPhone all of them. You can even use this application on any other device by using its Pandora web version which supports any device with a web browser.

Why we cannot play some songs outside of Pandora Radio Station?

Some of the songs are not available outside of Pandora app. You are not allowed to download that song. Actually, Pandora application allowed their artists to set which songs are allowed to download because that have licensing which is also known as radio play only. In radio play the only artist allows their users to listen to songs but not give permission to download that specific song. Users can play those songs in the Pandora app but not allowed to download.


Pandora App comparison with other music services


  Pandora Google Play Music Apple Music Spotify


Pandora Premium $4.99/month

Google Play Premium $9.99/monthly Apple Music Premium $9.99/month Spotify Premium $9.99/month

Trial Period

30 Days, 7 days plus plan
30 Days 3 Months 30 Days

USA, Australia,
New Zealand
60+ 110+ 60+


Pandora Mod Apk

Pandora Mod Apk is a version which is freely available on the internet. You can download this version of Pandora free of cost. Developers spend a lot of time to crack Pandora app so that they can provide their users a free of cost application. Pandora mod version contains a lot of paid features.

Pandora Mod Apk
Pandora Mod Apk


You do not need to pay any monthly cost for downloading this version. As Pandora application is not available to free on the official website but you can download it free of cost.  We are providing you a link below click the link and download premium version of Pandora app for free without spending a single penny for the app.


Pandora Apk For iOS

Pandora app is not available free of cost in-app store. If you are looking for the app we are providing you the link to download this app free without spending any money.


Pandora Apk For iOS
Pandora Apk For iOS

How to download Pandora for iOS?

Pandora app for iOS is now updated with a lot of new features. To improve user experience Pandora developers provided updates to the iOS version which are playback buffering etc. The aim of improving buffering is to enhance the performance of music play. For downloading Pandora iOS latest version visit the page and learn how to download Pandora for iOS devices and you will find a download link as well. Download and enjoy Pandora music.

Check out Pandora Modded Apk

You can also download Pandora++ Apk. Pandora++ is very easy to use. It contains all the basic features which you mostly required. In the past, there were a lot of issues in Pandora++ Apk but we have checked a lot of time now Pandora++ is working fine. Pandora++ have a lot of features some of them are listed below.

  • Ads are disabled in Pandora++
  • High-quality stream
  • Unlimited no of skips
  • No timeout


Pandora Hacked Apk

Pandora Hacked Apk is one of the best version of the Pandora app. In Pandora, Developers embed all the feature of premium Pandora and provided the cracked version of the main Pandora app. As we know that developers work very hard for cracking any application. This is the new version that developers have cracked for their users. You can download the latest version of One Apk which is totally up to date and you can enjoy the latest features of Pandora application from this version. This app allows you to share your favorite listing with your friends and family.

How to Install Pandora Apk
How to Install Pandora Apk

How to Install Pandora Apk

Pandora application is not available free of cost in play store or app store. If you are looking to download Pandora Premium Apk free of cost you are landed at right place. We are going to give you details of how you can download and install the Premium version free of cost.

The first step of downloading is to you have to enable the option of unknown sources of installation application then you can proceed further. Follow the steps below for installing Pandora app.

  • Click the download button it will show you a dialogue box
  • Move to devise settings
  • Additional settings
  • Open Privacy options
  • Now enable the button
  • Now open and run the downloaded file
  • Click the install button
  • Open the file and enjoy using Pandora Application


So in this post, we have provided you latest version of Pandora Apk premium. You can download it from the download button free of cost. We also provided the downloading and installation guide for the application. We hope you like the post.

If you are still facing any issue of installation or any other issue comment below. We will be happy to solve your problems.