Pandora Premium Apk

Pandora Premium Apk

Pandora premium Apk is the best version of the Pandora app because it contains all the feature of the application. This version of Pandora application is developed by Music Inc. This application brought a new revolution in the radio world. This application allows its users to customize the stations and music according to their taste so that they keep listening to the music. Pandora application allows their users to search any song, create station according to their choices. This application gets popular in no time because of its new and interesting features. It removes the limitation of the traditional radio and provided a new world of internet radio.


Traditional radio station

The traditional radio station you have a lot of restrictions. You are not allowed to change anything. You have to listen to the song which is playing you are not allowed to change or play any song of your choice. People were bored traditional radio because of the interest of users. If you have an interest in listening to Pop music you have no choice to listen to your favorite one. You have no possibility to skip any song or create your own channel. Pandora covers all these issues to catch the interest of people.

Pandora Apk Download iPhone
Pandora Apk Download iPhone


As Pandora comes in the market it changes the radio world. It put an impressive impact on the radio world. There are many features of the Pandora app. Pandora premium Apk contains all those features. It provides you full access to all the features. There are many other versions as well but every version of Pandora has access to the different feature. Pandora Premium Apk provides to create 250 stations, unlimited skip without any limitations. This application has some features that do not exist in any other app like it has a feature of searching song or artist, provides the ability to the users to thumb up or down to the song they like or dislike.


Pandora Memberships Types

Pandora application comes with no of versions. Till now this app contains 3 types of memberships. All memberships have different features and prices. Following are the 3 membership types:

Pandora 8.6 mod Apk
Pandora 8.6 Mod Apk


  1. Free Membership Apk
  2. Premium Membership Apk
  3. Pandora Plus

Free Membership Apk

As Pandora is not a free application but this application provide free membership plans to its users. It contains most basic features of Pandora application but buys using this membership you can get the idea of how Pandora Apk works. This version of the application has features like you can use the rating system thumbs up or down to the singers or songs which you don’t like. The big disadvantage of this membership is that you are not allowed to skip too many songs. In free membership, you are only allowed to skip 6 times in an hour.

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Pandora Premium Apk membership

Premium membership contains advanced features of this music application. Premium Apk contains all the features which this application is providing. The team of Pandora works continuously to bring new, advanced and interesting features to its users. Premium membership is not free of cost. It cost $9.99 a month.  Premium version Apk allows you to create 200+ station of your favorite songs. This app finds your favorite music from the search bar and creates stations for you. It doesn’t show you the music or song you dislike. The suggested song is from the list which you rated as a thumbs up. It shows you the song which is of your favorite list. The best feature of this version is it provides you unlimited no of skips. You can skip unlimited no of time while listening to music.
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Pandora Plus

This is also a version of the Pandora app. Pandora plus version is less costly as compared to a premium version of Pandora. This version costs you $5 a month. This is ads free version and it contains all the features that are available on Pandora premium Apk. Pandora provided this plan for its users so that this application could be accessible to more people. You can keep your membership until you want and listen to your favorite music by using Pandora plus version. Check Out More Pandora Mod Apk

Pandora Family membership

Pandora Family membership is basically built for family users. It allows 6 members to use their premium features. This membership cost $14.99/month. A family plan is membership best for family users. Pandora makes this plan for a family. If you have family members 3 or more than 3 users of Pandora radio application must go for family membership plan. It would cost you low.
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pandora unlimited skips apk 2019
pandora unlimited skips Apk 2019


Pandora Premium Apk Features

  • Premium Apk has unlimited no of skips
  • It’s totally ads free version of Pandora
  • A user can search for a favorite song
  • A rating system which allows a user to rate song using thumb up or down button
  • High-quality sound for music listeners
  • App has a built-in Music player
  • A user can download unlimited songs


Pandora Patcher Apk
Pandora Patcher Apk

Download Pandora Premium Apk

We have provided you the Pandora premium Apk download button. It’s totally free of cost. Download the version and enjoy listening to music. Before moving next to the download link please make sure you have enabled the unknown devices because it is necessary to enable this option otherwise your device may not be able to install this application. Click the download button and download the Premium version of Pandora Apk Download free of cost.

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How to Install Premium Pandora Apk

Follow the instructions below and install Pandora on your devices

  1. Allow unknown source installation.
  2. Click the download button given below.
  3. After downloading click on the setup and install an app.
  4. Open and enjoy listening to music.



We have provided you the cracked version of Pandora premium which is totally free of cost. When I searched on google about Pandora app I have not found any good link to download this application. So I thought to share the cracked version of Pandora with other people. Download and install according to the instruction we have discussed above. If you still face any kind of issue while installation of Pandora app feels free to comment. We will happy to help you out.